Principal Speech

We know that Baniyachong, the biggest village in the world. In this big village there is a college named Baniyachong Ideal College was established in 2011. Regarding this I have to remember Mr. Hydaruzzaman Khan Dhon Mia who has taken the leading part along with other leading persons of this locality is undoubtedly courageous and at the same time appreciable also.
At the time of establishment, the college had three departments- Science, Humanities and Business Studies and still running with prior approval of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Sylhet. Since approval of this college, we have a good result comparatively. We want not quantity but quality education. For that our teaching staffs are always trying their best to improve in all respect day by day. Teachers are doing their best. I am also with them.We the teachers and the students are friendly but dutiful and respectful. We have some drawbacks but we hope it will be lasted no longer. Let us pray to the almighty for more prosperity and name and fame of the college so that we can survive efficiently up to the mark. Thanks.